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Does your mine need a private mobile network?

By Peter Wilcox, Director Technical Product Management

Massive, complex machinery is just one of the day-to-day realities of working in a mine which stands to benefit from PMN solutions.

Peter Wilcox, Director Technical Product Management
I have had the privilege of witnessing the role that connectivity plays in shaping industries around the world. In an industry like mining, where seconds count and decisions matter, the need for reliable, high-performance connectivity has never been more critical. From remote sites to autonomous vehicles, a private mobile network provides the connectivity to modernize their mining operations and fuel innovation. 

Innovations like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions can help mining companies reach new levels of productivity and worker safety. However, due to their remote locations and sprawling above- and below-ground layouts, it can be difficult to deliver the connectivity needed to support mobile hardware or data-intensive applications.  

Fortunately, an LTE or 5G private mobile network can bring high-performance connectivity to even the most isolated and challenging of mining environments. A private mobile network can enable advanced applications by providing: 

  • Higher speeds and lower latency 
    Installed on site, a private mobile network offers fast connection speeds and ultra-low latency for automated guided vehicles (AGVs), industrial automation systems, and virtual/augmented reality applications that enhance worker training and safety. 
  • Customizability, control and security
    Tailor your network to support all the use cases you need – and even dedicate bandwidth to mission-critical applications. Robust 3GPP encryption and private SIM cards enhance security compared to Wi-Fi and public mobile networks, ensuring only the personnel and devices you authorize can connect. 
  • Ubiquitous coverage
    Blanket all surface and underground mining areas with fast, reliable connectivity. Seamless handoffs ensure uninterrupted connections for mobile assets, such as autonomous haulage systems and unmanned surveillance drones. 
  • Unmatched reliability
    Designed for the highest levels of reliability in challenging environments, the network core and RAN also benefit from continues upgrades and support while dedicated spectrum eliminates the signal interference that can impact a Wi-Fi network. 

The full, in-depth article is available to read on our website. If I have interested you in anything here, I would encourage you to read more!