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How networks simplify digital transformation for companies with multiple locations

A Bell expert explores potential networking solutions for a company

For businesses and organizations with numerous locations, network management has historically been a challenge. It can be even more difficult for those spread over wide geographic areas; not all locations may have access to the same infrastructure or even the same providers. But as digitalization becomes an ever-larger factor in business operations, it’s more important than ever to be able to rely on robust networks to connect every location. 

In 2021, organizations around the world spent $1.5 trillion on digital transformation.1 Much of the push toward digitalization is being driven by customer expectations. Since the pandemic, 63% of companies have reported a rise in demand for online purchases and services.2 Key to it all is the cloud: 86% of companies believe the cloud is critical to digital transformation, and 92% of Canadian companies are already using at least one cloud service.3 

Reliable networking solutions can help organizations, especially those with geographically dispersed locations, take full advantage of the cloud and the promise of digital transformation: 

  • Organizations with multiple branch offices and franchises can leverage a high degree of flexibility in configuration and scalability, along with cost savings and robust security with managed SD-WAN
  • Businesses can connect with all their cloud services at speeds of up to 10 Gbps, without the security and performance risks of the public Internet, thanks to a dedicated cloud network.    
  • Organizations can improve resilience and reduce downtime – while also complying with data security and privacy regulations – with a cloud backup and disaster recovery solution. 
  • Businesses can take advantage of highly trained and certified experts proactively monitoring and maintaining their networks 24/7 on their behalf with the professional and managed services offered by companies like Bell. 

Learn more about how Bell is driving cloud and digital transformation for organizations around the country. To learn about our expertise in action, see how we helped connect all 36 of Collège Boréal’s sites and how we are supporting League Data as they transform local credit unions into some of Canada’s first fully-digital banks. 


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