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How the right combination of technology and expertise enables effective cybersecurity

An individual makes a secure purchase from a laptop. A comprehensive assessment of your organization’s cyber security metrics can determine if they are adequately protecting you

With so many business activities now taking place electronically, computing, transactions and data storage are increasingly taking place in the cloud. That makes robust cybersecurity critical to doing business – because the consequences of an insufficient defence can be severe. In 2021, Canadian businesses spent over $600 million to recover from cyberattacks, a 30% increase over 2019.1 While not every attack led to downtime for the affected businesses, those that did kept businesses offline for an average of 36 hours.1  

However, hacking isn’t the only way a system can be breached. Hacking accounts for about 45% of data breaches, but human error and social engineering together make up another 44%.2 In other words: issues like accidentally sending an email to the wrong person or falling prey to fraudsters cause almost as many breaches as criminal hacking. That means there is more to strong security than technology. In fact, one study found that some of the companies that spent the most on security technology actually had some of the worst security outcomes because of a failure to match the technology investment with an investment in training and processes.  

Keeping data safe from accidental or malicious breaches requires a comprehensive approach to security that includes advanced technology and the right expertise for implementing it effectively. Here are some considerations that we recommend: 

  • Consider defences that you can embed directly into the network to quickly stop distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) and other attacks. Look for a proactive network security approach that automates your attack response while constantly updating threat intelligence. By doing this, you always benefit from the latest protections against emerging threats to help keep your systems up and running. 
  • Deliver the best online experience for both your customers and employees with robust cloud security to help keep cloud-based applications safe while improving availability and performance. Easy scalability makes it simple to ensure that protection evolves along with changing workload, capacity and traffic needs. 
  • Take the guesswork out of security operations with professional and managed cybersecurity services. Get an expert to assess your security posture and recommend areas to improve it – and then leverage their capabilities to implement and correctly configure and manage your security solutions on an ongoing basis.

Bell can help protect and secure your business against the growing sophistication and frequency of attacks. Find out how we supported the Festival d’été de Québec (FEQ) with a complete security posture assessment to ensure that the festival was ready for launch day.  


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