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Simplifying IoT device management to drive innovation and efficiency

 Bell expert explores potential IoT device management solutions

IoT is spreading 

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers a wide range of business opportunities, from automated operations monitoring to new ways to connect with customers – and Canadian businesses are getting on board. In 2022, 87% of Canadian businesses were using some form of IoT,1 up from 45% in 2016 and growing faster than forecasted.2 Around 10 billion IoT devices were in use worldwide in 2020, and that number is expected to reach almost 30 billion by 2030.3 

From partners to developers to building your own IoT solution

Many businesses are now developing their own purpose-built IoT solutions from the ground up, rather than buying off-the-shelf technologies. Some start-ups are even basing their companies around innovative new applications built on IoT technology. However, this presents challenges: a single IoT solution can represent dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of connected devices. Organizations need to be able to simply and seamlessly secure and manage all of those devices – and it is vital that they be able to do so without needing to physically interact with each device.  

Managing connected devices

Reliable IoT management, supported by world-class connectivity, can help businesses build IoT applications to take advantage of new opportunities: 

  • Before committing to full deployment, businesses can pilot their ideas with an IoT starter kit that includes various development and testing tools. 

  • For full visibility and control over devices and connectivity – from data usage to activation to error reporting, nothing beats the simplicity of a centralized IoT management platform.  

  • Businesses can connect and deploy devices anywhere in the world with global IoT connectivity. 

  • From design consultation to deployment to ongoing management, organizations can take advantage of the IoT professional services offered by companies like Bell.  

Bell fosters IoT growth worldwide

Bell is enabling new business opportunities with IoT connectivity that reaches around the world. To see the results in action, find out how Bell helped CPROMO roll out innovative dispensers for reusable shopping bags and how we’re supporting Snik’s mission to help riders recover stolen bicycles with connected trackers. 


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