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The state of cloud security in Canada: Top actions for strong outcomes

Deep dive into IDC’s collaborative study with Bell that examines the state of cloud security in Canada. The report uncovers large gaps in approaches to cloud security in Canadian organizations.

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Despite efforts by the large cloud providers to educate customers over the last decade that the customer is responsible for a number of critical security controls, there are still large gaps in Canadian organizations' use of cloud. This leaves organizations and their customers exposed to data loss and downtime. 

All of the major cloud providers offer excellent security around the controls they are responsible for, such as the physical infrastructure where data is stored and underlying software that operates a cloud service. But, cloud services have many features that can be misconfigured by the customer. In fact, according to research from Gartner1, 99% of cloud breaches through 2025 will be traced back to misconfigurations and human error.

Bell participated in an IDC survey to explore these gaps in approaches to cloud security across over 300 Canadian organizations. The results were revealing, namely: 

  • While 43% of all data is stored in the cloud, only 52% of companies have successfully protected themselves from a security breach. 
  • Of those same companies, only 34% have deployed cloud security management tools. 

(1) 'Is the Cloud Secure?' by Gartner