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Make sure your isolated mine workers are never truly alone

By Jeff Gilmore, Director, Technical Product Management

Bell employee fixed a problem with infrastructure on site

In the rugged terrain where industry meets nature, a miner’s journey is full of challenges andJeff Gilmore headshot risks. Several conversations I’ve had regarding the role of telecommunications in mining have centred on the reoccurring theme of what it takes to create a safer, more resilient environment for workers.  

In today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape, innovation is occurring at an incredible rate, continuously reshaping the way we work, live and interact with the world around us. We can measure the success of innovation in its ability to enhance the well-being or security of individuals surrounding a business, such as fewer injuries or increased loyalty. By leveraging innovative solutions focused on the safety and well-being of workers, businesses are able to mitigate risk and amplify business results.   

The challenging and hazardous nature of mining sites presents unique challenges to employers when it comes to protecting their most valuable assets: their people. Tightening work-alone legislation adds further pressure, with compliance requiring that mining companies ensure isolated workers have reliable communication and check-in systems.  

A range of solutions are available to help you meet these challenges, including ones designed for continuous monitoring and reliable communication in isolated areas. When running over a private mobile network, Bell’s lone worker solution satisfies work-alone legislation and enhances mine site safety with features such as: 

  • Mandatory check-ins
    Isolated workers can check in with their supervisors at regular intervals using their smartphones, with missed check-ins triggering automatic alerts. Monitoring continues even if the worker’s device is lost or turned off.  

  • Location monitoring
    Worker locations are tracked by GPS or private cell sites and sent with every check-in. Supervisors can see where workers are at a glance through an online portal. 

  • Panic alerts
    Workers can send emergency notifications from their mobile device or by pressing an easily accessible panic button device. 

  • Motion detection
    Using the motion detection capabilities built into smartphones, our solution can identify falls, sudden impacts and periods of no movement that could indicate a worker is in trouble and then automatically notify responders for immediate assistance. 

  • On-demand reports
    Comprehensive reporting supports compliance with safety regulations and incident analysis for future safety improvements. 

I encourage you to read this in-depth article and learn how our lone worker solution can help you protect your most isolated workers across your mining operations.