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More efficient operations with connected fleet management

 A Bell expert assesses fleet management solutions.

The transportation of goods is big business. In 2022, the Canadian trucking industry alone handled more than 63 million shipments, generating $39.5 billion in revenue.1 Maximizing your transportation revenue depends on knowing where your trucks and other assets are at all times. This knowledge enables routes to be optimized, fuel consumption to be reduced and driver safety to be increased. 

Per Berg Insight, the fleet management solution market in North America is expected to increase from US$6,088 million in 2023 to US$8,588 million at a CAGR of 7.1%.2 It has also been reported that over 73% of businesses use multiple fleet management systems.  Fleet managers see huge benefits from an increased investment in technology — especially when it comes to safety. They cite safety (62%) over profitability (57%) as major drivers of technology adoption.3 

Tracking is just one element of effective fleet management, requiring a range of connected IoT devices and solutions that provide precise location information, real-time route optimization, proactive vehicle diagnostics and other strategic analytics. With these solutions, businesses can: 

  • Get better visibility into their vehicle fleets so they can optimize operations and enhance customer service with a full suite of fleet management applications
  • Minimize losses and achieve operational efficiencies with asset management applications to monitor their critical assets onsite, remote or in-transit
  • Deploy their fleet and asset management solutions quickly and effectively with IoT professional services to help with design, deployment, management, security and ongoing support

Fleet Management from Bell 

Find out how we helped Musket Transport deliver their services more efficiently by upgrading their fleet management system. Learn more about how Bell is supporting the trucking industry with comprehensive solutions to keep cargo moving from coast to coast to coast.  


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